Arabian Rescue Mare – Distance Prospect

Roz-frontRoz is a 2000 14.3H registered purebred Arabian mare who grew up wild on the ND prairies. For 13 years this mare was living untouched with a small group of horses & large herds of cattle. There were times of feast when it rained. In dry years there was not much to eat. In the late fall of 2013 after a year of especially short pasture, she was rescued by a neighbor that had been watching these horses. This neighbor negotiated with the owner for a few of the thinnest horses from the group. In their new home they were well fed & gentled. While Roz was skin & bones she also had a very big belly. The neighbor’s years of experience with horses prompted her to take Roz to the vet for a pregnancy exam. As suspected Roz was in foal & quite far along. With a bit of detective work, the adoptive neighbor found out that there was a Paint colt that had been running with the herd. As the weather turned bitterly cold, Roz was moved to a heated barn & given a foaling stall. There on January 4th she delivered a black tobiano colt with a heart on his forehead. He was called Cupid.


Roz’s foal Cupid

The adoptive neighbor was in the process of moving to Kentucky & unable to take the pair with her. And so they came to live with us at PRTC. Cupid was weaned 5 months later & Roz (registered name Kissed Bye Arose) started her formal training with us. There were many skills to work on – standing for grooming & the farrier, leading, & on to the tacking, lunging, etc. The training continued on a light schedule until the present. She is now under saddle. We have taken it slow with her as she has had a big adjustment to make from the feral horse she was for more than a decade. She is still green & needs an experienced rider but she is ready to move on. She is a fantastic mover with a huge ground covering stride & big desire to move forward. She is definitely a “speed up” horse. At 14.3H she has straight legs with excellent bone & good withers. She would do very well in the sport of distance riding as she wants to work — and work while not being overly managed.

This has always been about rescuing Roz & now she needs to move on to her forever home. We have done everything we can in fostering her to help her on her journey. What we are looking for now is a person that will be a fit for her. Her re-homing fee is $100 to be donated to Furry Friends Rockin Rescue. Can you help us find that home?

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Videos of Roz Lunging and Under Saddle Fall 2015 (please note she was trimmed the day before these videos and still a bit tender. She has been sound and healthy in our care).