Mimi Training with Conrad Schumacher

What better way to start out the April Conrad Schumacher clinic at Tempel Lipizzan Farms than with “Conradisms” from the last clinic! Keep in mind that these are all out of context but we just love them. Photo credit John Borys.
1. The days when we start from a bad situation & end up in a good way – that is when we learn.
2. When you correct without having the base they get scared.
3. Let the horse find the tempo & contact with you. Let them find you.
4. They must accept the driving & restraining aids. When you drive they shall not run. When you restrain they shall not stop.
5. You do not hope for no mistakes. Decide how you will ride them.
6. When a horse says “no” in rein-back, quietly do a turn on the forehand.
7. When a horse is afraid of something on the outside & rider uses the outside aids it scares them but not so the inside aids.
8. Good is good but better is better!
9. I know you have a difficult job (rider) but you must do it.
10. A little drop every day on the stone makes the stone hollow.

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